MAROC 2017


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Morocco 2017: 8 medals

We are very happy to announce those great results.


Breeder's cup 3 medals

- Gold yearling filly
Soultana de Dream ( Kanz al Bidayer X MZ Oziera Sham Sabbah by Shanghai EA)
Bred and owned Mgharfahoui Mohamed

- Gold yearling colt
Walil Ines ( BS Specific X Jenufa de Nautiac by Shanghai EA)
Bred and owned Aboukhadija Abdelmajid

- Silver junior filly
Nerfertity (Amalfi de Nautiac X Dona Kristina)
Bred and owned Aboukhadija Abdelmajid


International A el Jadida 5 medals

- Gold junior filly
Poesie TI (kanz al bidayer X Pellissima by Om el Bellissimo)
Bred by Titanium Arabians Anna Damman
Owned by Ines Stud

- Gold medal junior colt
Jawen Aslal (ZT Marteyn X Just Adore by Wh Justice)
Bred and owned Aslal Arabians Myriam and Alain Chatton

- Gold medal senior mare
Volodia de lafon (Shanghai ea X vassillia by shamilah vassilli)
Bred by mas de lafon christine and Bertrant Valette
Owned by Ines Stud

- Silver medal yearling filly
Soultana de Dream ( Kanz al bidayer X MZ Oziera sham Sabbah)
Bred and owned by Mohammed Mgharfaoui

- Silver yearling colt
Lazeez al Shahania (EKS Alihandro X ZT Makbey by ZT Marteyn
Bred by al shahania
Owned by Michel Combette

Thanks to all breeders, owners and our team
Fred, Fabien, Valentine, Mathieu H, Corentin

Special thanks to my friend Franck Boetto
For his amazing job for Ines Stud Aboukhadija Abdelmajid

Cecile and Mathieu



Mathieu Miloux training center