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About us


Passion and Arabian Horses          

Mathieu Miloux was born into a family with a passion for horses. His grandfather then his father bred Thoroughbred and 'postiers Bretons', a famous breed of French draught horses. As a child, he always accompanied his grandfather at morphology competitions to present their horses.

Later on Mathieu Miloux looked for sensations by doing medieval show stunts with hispanic horses and practising Hungarian post and Cossak vaulting. He discovered the Pure Bred Arabian horses while taking part in an oriental equestrian show. Arabian... Horse... Those two words already had a legendary sound for me, evoking images of deserts, steppes, and epics.

He was then captivated by their incomparable elegance beyond, their energy, their playfulness, and their innate disposition for performance...true show horses!


To turn the passion into a work

Mathieu Miloux met Cécile Forest, his companion, while taking part in entertainement shows. She was riding her Pure Arabian stallion Shamilah Dalil trained in 'Haute Ecole'. The story of his relationship with the Pure Bred Arabian Horse was born from his own love story.

Mathieu Miloux Training Center started presenting the horses privately from Cecile Forest's stud farm, Oziera Arabians—in particular one of her stallions, Shamilah Nadjah, a son by Nadir I and Julia Bea. He was the best teacher you could imagine. He had a very tricky character but he was extraordinarily gifted with movement, for which he would get the mark of 20 in every show.

Breeders started considering his work, and French Arabians breeders entrusted him with training.

From one show to another, he  understood that he had to transform this passion into a profession, so he decided to learn and work for training abroad, Italy and US.


Training Arabian Horses

Before anything else, for Mathieu Miloux for training arabian horse you need to know how to 'read' your horses and to adapt yourself to each one.

Then you have to be honest with the horses, with the people who entrust them to you, with yourself, and do your job.


What fascinates him is to 'build' the horses, to transform them and to create this special relationship which brings out the very best of each horse. So, presenting the horse in the ring is the final goal of the work, it is the result of the relationship he has created with the horse. An ultimate moment which can sometimes come close to nirvana!


Thanks to all our team for their hard work and dedication !

 Gwendal Danielo,Valentine Blin ,Mathieu Harrouet, Guillaume Guilleron, Romaric Bousso...


Mathieu Miloux Arabian Training Center

Cecile Forest Oziera Arabians